Adding Naim Unitiqute 2 to AV System


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Oct 26, 2014
A few years ago now I swapped my Naim NAC92/NAP90 for a Marantz SR7005 AV amp to give me a simple solution for audio and video with HDMI switching capability. I currently use an Apple TV3 to stream Apple Lossless files from my PC for most of my audio listening. However, I do miss the unique quality of my Naim amps for pure audio listening. My question is, if I buy a Unitiqute 2, can I simply feed the pre-out for the front L/R channels from my Marantz to an analogue input on the Naim for watching movies? I do like the user interface of the Apple TV - being able to scroll through my music collection on the TV. If I were to keep the Apple TV for audio streaming, and output the HDMI to my Marantz, and the optical to a Unitiqute 2, would this be comparable in terms of audio quality to streaming directly with the Naim? I know in theory that while the music is still in the digital domain it's all just one and noughts, but aren't some devices better at controlling jitter than others? I also realise that this would negate the need for a streaming amplifier, but looking at what's available, I don't think my budget would stretch to any of the currently available Naim pre/power combinations. I'd happily ditch the polished user interface of the Apple TV if the Naim would offer a better sonic solution.

Here's hoping for some constructive advice without getting torched! *biggrin*


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Yes, you can use the pre-outs from the Marantz to the Unitiqute2.

Streaming direct to the Unitiqute 2 will give a better sound by cutting out the middle man. What is best for you may well be different to what is best for other people, so feel free to experiment.

Digital music still makes mistakes. A Sky box is digital, as are PCs, modems, etc. Do they make mistakes? Do they have to be unplugged for 10 seconds, re-booted etc. Of course they do.

As always, try to get a home demonstration and feel free to experiment. It's your system, your ears and your money.


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hybridauth_Facebook_1483162918 said:
Thanks jjbomber. I also like the idea of being able to upgrade the Unitiqute 2 when funds allow with the addition of a NAP100 power amp.

No problem, you're welcome. I forgot to add that you need to set the unity gain to a fixed volume on the analogue input of the Unitiqute from the Marantz. That means that the Marantz will automatically set the volume, so when you increase or decrease the volume on the Marantz, it will do the same on the Unitiqute. You can enjoy your movies at the right volume without having to set 2 controls.


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