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Acoustic Energy 1-Series

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Jan 6, 2014
Thanks, Matthew, for the reassurance about the amp. I love how it handles orchestral dynamics...never seems to break into a sweat.

I'll be trying different speaker placement in the coming days, along with moving furniture/closing curtains, etc., to see what difference this makes. As I say, it's odd how the bass, especially in the strings, seems to resonate and make itself known in this way. I do wonder if it's simply the newness of the speakers. I've never had aluminium cones before.

I don't suppose it's anything to do with the DAC? I have played the same track via the Blu-Ray/Musical Fidelity V-90II DAC and the NAD player (before it broke), and the bass issue was the same. It also cropped up with the Fiio X3 fed directly into the amp (it has a Wolfson DAC).

As for the dealer, they're too far away, alas, but I could call and ask about the issue. Perhaps standmounters would make a better fit. I do have some Zensor 1s I could try to see how they work in the room.



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Nov 23, 2007
Well worth trying the Zensor 1s I would say, particularly if you also have some stands to perch them on. This will at least give you a comparison and a different reference. I would imagine the Zensor 1s might go too far the opposite way with the Exposure but you are in a better position to test this than me as you have them to hand.


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Apr 24, 2013
I am fairly sure that this is a speaker - room issue.

You can prove it easily enough though you will need longer cables. Just move the speakers forward until they are one third of the way down the room and sit anywhere between halfway and two thirds of the way down the room.

This should give you a reference as to how good it can sound and give you something to work towards. If you can not get a good sound with this sort of positioning the speakers are too big for the room.

A couple of other thoughts;

Do not have the listening position against the back wall, this is just as bad as having your speakers too close to the front wall.

Remove the blocks from under the speakers and use spikes, if you have floorboards, consider putting screws in the floor. Very old school I know, but very effective in situations like this.


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Mar 20, 2014
regarding 'running in' have you got any bass heavy music you can play for long periods to get the cones to loosen up a little, many swear by facing them together, running them for a a day ot two with wiring out of phase and a blanket over them,.... as long as you are not flexing them to the point of distortion

may be difficult though if they have sloping front baffles :?

or you could just listen to them as normal

must say I have never noticed much difference with running in speakers, but my ears are 48 years old, I can still here crisp highs though thank god



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