A Receivers - HDMI ports? SCART ports?


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Oct 2, 2011
Hi all,

I'm new to home cinema and still a novice hifi-er.

The thing I'm not getting about AV Receivers is the HDMI ports? You can put HDMI inputs from your HD Sky box, DVD player and other sources, and then from your receiver into your TV.

But, the old receivers don't do HDMI, and do have SCART ports. Did you simply connect the picture cables to your TV direct from the DVD player etc, and the sound cables went from the DVD etc, to your reciever, then TV? Do people still do this with HDMI capable receivers?

I'm hoping to start off cheap and get older seperates from eBay, but i need to get my head round it first!

Thanks, Tim.


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Nov 29, 2007
it depends on the kit and what you are trying to do.

I run the players to the avamp which then pulls the audio out and passes the picture onto the screen.

as I want the HD sound at the AV amp and HDMI is the only cable/standard that can take it. MOST HDMI is one way only (unlike the old Scart) you will see they are marked on the amp as input and output....


What you can do is run the SCART cable into the AV Receiver and then get it to process the AUDIO and VIDEO. It will try its best to create a more detailed, rescaled video. It wont accept a SCART cable you'll need something like SCART to composite video cable


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Nov 15, 2008
SCART was very rare on AV Receivers as it was/is a european only connection and it takes up a lot of space. As HDMI carries both audio and video (like SCART) most people connect HDMI only to the receiver, providing of course that your receiver can process audio over HDMI. Look for LPCM and HD audio decoding (DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD) in the specs. If you have Sky+HD you will need an additional digital audio cable e.g. optical or digi-coax as the box only outputs stereo over HDMI. You would then need to assign the digital audio input to the HDMI input so that the audio and video match up. Alternatively connect the HDMI cable from the Sky+HD box direct to the TV and separately to the amp/receiver via digital audio cable. This method gives you the option of using the TV speakers for quiet viewing.

If you find any kit on eBay etc. post back and the good folks here should be able to advise on how you would connect it.


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