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quite simply are there measurements that can be made to depict every aspect / detail of sound reproduction that, we can identify as humans, by conducting a listening test of a hifi system ?
Some measurements of amplifiers will help you shortlist speakers that it should drive adequately and some speaker measurements will help you determine what sort of room it will work well in but apart from that they can, in no way, tell you what they are going to actually sound like.
For this it is necessary to utilise that wonderful bit of equipment often referred to as the Mark 1 Ears


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Nov 21, 2014
Hence the reason that some brands mix measurements with listening tests, in that results of listening tests may go against the logic of measurements....


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There is a lot that can be measured beyond what we might see in a journal like Stereophile, but it’s not practical, affordable or relevant in many cases.

Our listening rooms are the biggest factor, and of course they are all different. As Al says there are quite a few measurements that give you a good steer if you know what you’re looking for.

Widening the point a bit, some things like ‘stereo depth’ and ‘imaging’ aren’t really a thing that is measurable, and relies a lot on our brains. I’m not sure if that’s strictly psychoacoustics, but it’s definitely more perception than reality.



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