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Aug 10, 2019
hi all,ive just joined and would be grateful for any advice,i had a tube technology unisiss vale amp which brokedown i telephoned the zia faroqe the maker .he told me post it to him and he would give me a quote for the repair,that was 7moths ago ,i have had the police on to it and they put notes throgh his door no use,i also have the judge from the sundaymail newspaper trying to find him no luck so far,i have now gave up and i am now going to buy a new cd and amp,i was thinking of the pathos tt rr valve amp and the new pathos digit,or unison research mystery2 pre amp with p30k power amp and cdunico i am hoping to dem these this week i have castle howard speakers and like chill out music and velvet revolver im going to see them in march,my cd was a linn mimik which has als broke,im desperate to here some sounds any advice would be great thanx,md


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Sep 9, 2007
nice budget, sorry about your amp,i hope you get it resolved soon and are suitably rewarded.the pathos and unico are both nice i favour the pathos,i found the unico cd a little to bright but have not heard the mystery pre as it was with a unico intergrated.i love valves and was gutted to sell my leak stereo 20 and croft micro,which brings me onto my recommendation.have you considered the croft range,very nice.if your based in london walrus systems is worth a visit as is kj west one.i do hope you find the system your after and with your budget much fun to be had.also have a look on the eminent audio site a wealth of valves there to wet your appetite.good luck,gregory.


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