40-42in Supertest - Still confused (performance vs price)


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Aug 10, 2019
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I waited eagerly for the 40-42" Supertest, but having read through it and then been for a look round the shops and online I'm still confused (and perhaps a bit dissapointed) Why? Because the prices quoted for the screen in the test don't seem 'real world'.

The mini reviews in the test are comparative and I don't wish to criticise them. However the ratings and I imagine some of the comments are at least subconciously related to the supposed cost of the screen. So when I saw that prices quoted can vary a lot from the true cost, well it makes me wonder if it would have changed at least partially the reviews or ratings. (Also when looking through and concentrating at things in your budget you might be overlooking items). If everything was say £100 out then it might not matter much but unless I got very confused discrepacies of £450 or ~ 1/3rd the value of the screen are not insignificant (Sharp LC-42XD1E).

I'm looking to buy a TV for my parents. Their 28" CRT died a few months ago and they are struggling along with an old 14" set. Big, thin, flatscreen TVs are the norm these days so that's what I'm looking at. I've a budget of £800 and this supertest seemed to be taking place just at the right time for me. 40-42" might be a bit big a 37" would probably be fine. I need SD performance (the poor thing will probably never see and HD input) and having read the test and been round the shops I'm still confused as to where I should put my money.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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OK, some clarification here.

First up, that choice of set - easy answer: Panasonic TH-37PX70. Available for well within your budget, and has an excellent TV tuner, too.

Secondly, testing. The real-world pricing of all the sets (and indeed all the products featured throughout the magazine) is taken into account when deciding our star ratings - in fact it often helps us decide between very similar products.

So, neither the reviews or ratings would have changed in this (or any other) test. We do, however, change star ratings/Buyer's Guide comments etc if a product has a genuine, across-the-board price cut, and update the list prices every month in the Buyer's Guide.

The reason for printing the list price is that it's the highest price someone might pay - for example if they buy from the manufacturer's websites or dedicated stores (eg Sony Centre, Panasonic Shop), or some other stores (who tend to charge more for the set but offer extended warranties or other service options as part of the package).

We'd rather print that - with added mention that you can buy the set for less if you shop around - then print a lower price and then upset readers who can't find the set at that price (and believe me, this has happened in the past, with people bombarding us for requests on where to find the product at exactly the price we quoted).


Clare, your post is most appreciated. I could see the dilemma that you are faced with when I posted, but I still felt faced with my own. Now you've explained how you approach it I think you tackle it very well. I am also very grateful for the recommendation. A previously confused and troubled mind is now tranquil and focused. I'd also like to mention that I am impressed at your involvement on the forums.


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