2 drawer burner (pref. w/out SCMS)


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all -

Can anyone please recommend a 2 drawer CD burner.

Until the weekend I was using my Sony RCD W100 - but it has been behaving increasingly erratically over the past few months.

Points in its favour:

i). relative ease of use

ii). 2 drawer format means it can serve as duplicator


i). Only seems to use Maxell discs

ii). Serial Copy Management System a disgusting nightmare (placing restrictions on how I may or may not copy my own analogue sourced burns sucks)

iii). Build quality is not what I expected - purchased new, the unit has had some use - but nothing heavy. Should have had a longer active life span imo

I appreciate that duplicating CDs is easier on a laptop - but here's the (surprising?) thing: the copies are not quite as good. For all it's petty annoyances the Sony actually burns better discs than my laptop. True, the difference isn't night and day by any stretch of the imagination. But I *can* tell. Just about. The Sony's burns are 'cleaner' somehow. Hard to describe. But I'm confident in my ears because I blind tested two burned discs - Sony vs. laptop.

It may simply be that the laptop was burning at a faster speed - the Sony bruned in real time. I'll have to slow the laptop down then compare again.

Anyway, I was considering spending on a Teac CD-RW890 - but it doesn't appear to be a 2 drawer format and so presumably won't serve as a duplicator (?). If anyone has any advice on any of these or related matters I would be really grateful. Thanks in advance. ; - )


Update - fwiw, I just compared a slow burned CDR to the one done yesterday on the Sony, and afaict the slow one sounds identical to the fast one - i.e. not as good as the Sony.

Which confirms my suspicion that what I need is some sort of replacement for the two drawer Sony. If anyone's got any suggestions please feed 'em in. Cheers! ;)


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