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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

I am looking to buy my 1st home cinema system.have a budget of £2000 (could stretch it a little) and was just looking for some advice.I have quite a large living room and was looking at the SAMSUNG PS50Q97HDX for my tv and the ONKYO TX-SR605 for my reciever.as for the rest I am not to sure.Was wondering if this would work well together and what dvd and speaker system to put with it.I am new to this and was just looking for some advivce as to how to put a system together.

many thanks for any help you can give.(p.s hope you don't get fed up with me posting questions over the following weeks).


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Aug 11, 2007
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I've seen the Samsung in action and it looks great in my opinion - So howzabout this deal from Creative Audio?

(Onkyo TX-SR605
KEF KHT2005.2
£90 cable pack

RRP £1090
Hot Deal £898

I think the Kef's are well liked by many on here although I haven't heard them myself (and no I have no connection whatsoever with Creative Audio) ...I think though that the Kef's may not be available to be posted and due to Kef's company "rules" must be picked up ..Creative Audio are based in Shrewsbury

You'll still need a DVD player - I've just ordered a Denon 1940 for £199 but there's loads of info on these forums for other choices.

Good luck!


Hi jetjohnson,

Thanks for the quick reply.Clicked on the link you gave but get page not found reply.


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