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  1. M

    Question Wharfedale Valdus 200

    I still have a vintage pair of these 100w (4-8 ohms) speakers purchased new around 1995. The cabinets are in excellent condition for their age, and the tweeters work fine, however I have just discovered that both the main bass drivers have perished outer surrounds which cushion the cones (see...
  2. Wil

    50+ Hrs. Club: Wharfedale Diamond 12

    Simply, of my feedback to KHF (he was part of the engineering team), his reply: Indeed, the initial hours of listening to, new-out-of-the-box, 12.1 were rough… Then, say, after eight hours, the-promise-of-it (from professional reviews and everyday consumers) was taking shape. I wish...
  3. S

    New speakers?

    Hi all. I recently upgraded to a Rega Elicit-R amp with Apple Music streamed over Wi-fi via an Apple Airport Express. No CD player, occasional use of a turntable. Chord cables and interconnects but an old pair of Maudant Short 916i floorstanding speakers. I don’t mind the sound from the...
  4. H

    Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 or Yamaha NS-777

    I am looking for tower speakers on the aftermarket and I am rather limited in my options. These two have been seemed as great options, but I have no idea how they compare. I am looking to pair them with sony str-dn1080 for listening to rock and classical music, but also casually for movie...
  5. B

    High Output Moving Coil upto £400

    Hi All Can someone please give me some recommendations on a High Output MC cartridge please. Upto £400 I'm currently running an Ortofon 2m Bronze. And want to try a MC cartridge. Set up is as follows. Rega P3 with Origin Live internal and External Rewire and Structural Modification Rega Neo...
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    Question Which floorstanders for audiolab 6000a?

    Hey guys, I am the proud owner of the Audiolab 6000a amp, and Monitor Audio Bronze 2 bookshelf speakers. When the set up was in a small room, it was great! I recently got married, and my new wife and I have moved into a new place, and now the set up is in a much larger room, with wooden...