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  1. F

    Amp for Wharfedale Diamond 12.2

    Hello there all! I am planning to buy a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 speakers, and now I'm thinking about an amp to pair with them. I mostly listen to progressive and classic rock. Phono and digital inputs are welcome, but I'm willing to buy a dac or a preamp later on, so neither of those are...
  2. M

    Question Do I need a subwoofer

    I have the following set-up: 1. Rega Planar 3 turntable 2. Rega Brio R integrated amp 3. Rega RS 3 speakers - not the tallest ones. 4. Bluesound Node Room size- 200 sq ft- open from one side. I was told that I can improve the thump/thunk of the sound by getting a subwoofer and having it at low...
  3. dragontattoo2020

    Question Buying my first Hi-Fi system - please help me decide from a shortlist.

    Hi There, My first post in the forums. For many years, I had been thinking of getting a decent Hi-Fi setup - and by decent I don't mean really high end audiophile grade stuff, but something that sounds better than my MacBook hooked up to my Bose QC 35II or AirPods or my Logitec external...
  4. R

    Adding rear wall mounted surround speakers in a 7.1 avr

    I'm using the av receiver (Marantz NR1604) only with 5.1 channel connected, it's right to connect them in the surround back position or best to use normal surround considering that typically in a 5.1 home cinema they are in the side of the listener?
  5. M

    Question Wharfedale Valdus 200

    I still have a vintage pair of these 100w (4-8 ohms) speakers purchased new around 1995. The cabinets are in excellent condition for their age, and the tweeters work fine, however I have just discovered that both the main bass drivers have perished outer surrounds which cushion the cones (see...
  6. Wil

    50+ Hrs. Club: Wharfedale Diamond 12

    Simply, of my feedback to KHF (he was part of the engineering team), his reply: Indeed, the initial hours of listening to, new-out-of-the-box, 12.1 were rough… Then, say, after eight hours, the-promise-of-it (from professional reviews and everyday consumers) was taking shape. I wish...
  7. S

    New speakers?

    Hi all. I recently upgraded to a Rega Elicit-R amp with Apple Music streamed over Wi-fi via an Apple Airport Express. No CD player, occasional use of a turntable. Chord cables and interconnects but an old pair of Maudant Short 916i floorstanding speakers. I don’t mind the sound from the...
  8. H

    Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 or Yamaha NS-777

    I am looking for tower speakers on the aftermarket and I am rather limited in my options. These two have been seemed as great options, but I have no idea how they compare. I am looking to pair them with sony str-dn1080 for listening to rock and classical music, but also casually for movie...
  9. B

    High Output Moving Coil upto £400

    Hi All Can someone please give me some recommendations on a High Output MC cartridge please. Upto £400 I'm currently running an Ortofon 2m Bronze. And want to try a MC cartridge. Set up is as follows. Rega P3 with Origin Live internal and External Rewire and Structural Modification Rega Neo...
  10. M

    Question Which floorstanders for audiolab 6000a?

    Hey guys, I am the proud owner of the Audiolab 6000a amp, and Monitor Audio Bronze 2 bookshelf speakers. When the set up was in a small room, it was great! I recently got married, and my new wife and I have moved into a new place, and now the set up is in a much larger room, with wooden...