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  1. BigOak14

    Beginner HiFi CD setup

    Hi there! I am very new to the whole idea of HiFi and CD players. Could anyone help me out and give me some suggestions on what to buy? I have a budget of $400AUD/$290USD/£215. For now I only plan on playing CDs but I might expand to vinyl in the future. The room that the speakers will be in is...
  2. Youngsoulrebel

    Question Total beginner looking for advice for first hi-fi purchase

    Hello, I'm looking at purchasing my first hi-fi set up and wanted to reach out for some expert advice. I'm a music fan above all else and I'm looking for a set up that will sound great with the minimal amount of set up and after care. I live in quite a populated area with neighbours attached...
  3. I

    Monitor Audio Silver 6 vs Silver 200 6G vs B&W 685s1

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of B&W 685 and want to upgrade, mainly for better bass response and depth. I have the opportunity to buy a pair of MA Silver 6 (5th gen) or Silver 200 (6th gen) for about the same price. I'm slightly towards the older 6s for the bigger drivers but I'm worry about the...
  4. G

    Question speakers to pair with cxa61

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what speakers to pair with my cxa61? they'll be placed in a 4mx5m room and i listen to a lot of everything, from hip-hop to classical to 80s rock and punk. I've also been thinking about maybe adding a subwoofer but that isn't a must at all. im currently using some...
  5. G

    Hi-Fi Newb Seeking Advice On Amp-Speaker Combination & Connections

    Hi, first off my thanks to What Hi Fi forum Admin for accepting my request to join the community here. I'm thinking about buying a Rega io stereo amplifier and pondering on a few things. If anyone can help that would be great. The speakers I'm drawn towards are Q Acoustics, but I'm unsure...
  6. labelman68

    Bookshelf Speakers for Small Room

    I have a small room and listen rather closely. I'm using a Uniti Atom and some older Martin Logan 4s and looking to upgrade the whole system with a great turntable, tube amp and a different DAC. A local dealer demo'd me on the Harbeth P3 XD's and the vocals came through with crystal clarity-...