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  1. lou_untitled

    Question Rega IO with subwoofer

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to plug a subwoofer to the Rega IO since there's no LFE or SUB output. And if yes which one do you recommend and how do you do it ? I 've heard many things using Y connector and so on but this is confusing to me, I'm still pretty new to this. My...
  2. L

    Inherited “old“ receiver from my father, what next?

    Hello! I recently inherited an old Onkyo TX-SR875 and hooked up my old Elac FS67 pair to it. Shortly after I bought an Elac Debut C6.2 and two Elac Debut B5.2 (as surrounds). I then acquired two dirt cheap speakers and put them right behind my sofa for a 7.0 setup. Soon after I realised...
  3. hokey

    2x6.35mm Male to 1x6.35mm Female (or 3.5 mm) TRS Cable?

    Hi all, I have two headphone amps, one Solid State and one Valve... and a Switch. I want to plug a single pair of headphones into both amps, then use the Switch to... um... Switch between them. This is mostly for convenience, but I also want to do some A/B testing. I have tried to find a...
  4. N

    Audioengine A5+ Wireless replacement

    Hello there! I was extremely disappointed with the Audioengine A5+ Wireless (I've explained why in this reddit post) and I'm wondering if there are other alternatives to them at the same price or slightly higher. I've found several threads but they are years old and maybe there's something...
  5. Xorm

    Question Looking for advice: my first Tv 65"

    Hi, everybody, I'm looking for my first TV for mixed usage (Film & Gaming). Here is a brief summary of the minimum characteristics I would like it to have: 65 inches Supports HDR standards (HDR pro, HDR plus, etc...) Good audio (I wish it had dolby atmos... The next step is to get some...
  6. R

    Question What turntable to buy with £400 cartridge and £200 preamp

    I've got a £1000 budget for a turntable, cartridge and preamp. I've already chosen my preamp its an ALVA DUO from Cambridge Audio priced at £200 and I'm looking to spend around £300 - £400 on a cartridge but as for the turntable, I'm a little stuck. I'm looking for a turntable with a speed...