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  1. salmanzulfiqar

    DIY Subwoofer: more power vs more drivers

    Hey guys, I am planning a basic DIY sub build as branded subs are too expensive to import in my country. I had a question regarding power and driver choice. If I feed a 100W amp into one 4 ohm subwoofer driver, that results in X volume. If I use two 8 ohm drivers of the same type, wire then in...
  2. A

    Leema Libra DAC, please help!

    I've got an ex-dem Leema Libra DAC connected to a Hydra II Anniversary Edition power amp [on loan]. The DAC turns the volume down by itself within ten minutes of switching on. However, the displayed volume level does not change. Does anyone know what is going wrong? It's connected to the amp via...
  3. R

    Any other options to control the power on amplifier if my pre-amp doesn't have a 12v trigger out port?

    Basically I really want to buy a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 and have it be my sole pre-amp & network streaming device. I only stream and would use a single analog and digital in, so all my bases are covered. The only issue is that I don't want to have to manually turn my amplifier off and on all the...
  4. Santho

    Nad M25 question.

    Just bought a nad m25, which i have hooked up to my onkyo TX-NR717 and it's making a audible pop noise when im turning it of... it's not super loud or anything but i was just wondering if this is something i should be worried about? Is this normal when using power amps? i've never really owned a...
  5. R

    Question Parasound A21+ not powering on

    My 6 month old Parasound A21+ wouldn’t turn on. There was a loose contact in the main power board so it had to turn on and off abruptly twice. After that it is not turning on. When the technician checked the main fuse on the back, he said it needs to be replaced. Not sure if this is just a...
  6. L

    I have a Naim NAP 180 power which I stupidly connected through speaker cables to another amplifier

    plugged two amps into the same speakers... I have a Naim NAP 180 power which I stupidly connected through speaker cables to another amplifier~! my question is what damage am I likely to have done and is it repairable? many thanks