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  1. WayneHarris

    Question Upgrading speakers ordering new floorstanders today, MA Bronze 500 vs Bronze 6

    Hi everybody I’ve got a buyer here in the UK for my 2 month old Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Speakers in Walnut I have a chance to buy the new Bronze 500’s to replace them for a VERY good price online, mainly because I can’t find a white pair of Bronze 6 anywhere (which I originally wanted) are...
  2. C

    Question Naim Uniti Atom - for Monitor Audio Gold 200?

    I am new in Hifi, so i can say that i am beginner :) Therefore, i need support. I plan to buy Monitor Audio Gold 200 (4g) or 300 and i listened them with Roksan Blak, It was really amazing, but Roksan Blak is unfortunately too expensive for my budget, because i also have to add a network player...
  3. M

    Question Which floorstanders for audiolab 6000a?

    Hey guys, I am the proud owner of the Audiolab 6000a amp, and Monitor Audio Bronze 2 bookshelf speakers. When the set up was in a small room, it was great! I recently got married, and my new wife and I have moved into a new place, and now the set up is in a much larger room, with wooden...