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ken ishiwata

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  1. Wil

    Rotel A11 Tribute & CD11 Tribute

    It's good to see Ken's children, Miki and Jun supporting the completion of this Rotel set: "The aim of the CD 11 (£399, $599, €449, AU$649) and A11 (£499, $799, €599, AU$1099) Tribute models is a presentation with significantly greater detail, rhythmic sense and resolution than their...
  2. Wil

    Considering Marantz (without Ken Ishiwata)

    Let's begin by relaying here Ken's message to the public which he entrusted also to me, shortly after ending his 41 years working for Marantz, nearly a year ago: "Ken Ishiwata thought Marantz was Ken Ishiwata and Ken Ishiwata was Marantz… He never thought this day would come to say goodbye…"...