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  1. S

    Want to get on the audiphle ladder, unable to audition kit

    Hello Audiophile Friends, I was an avid What Hi-Fi reader in my teenage years and spent many hours salivating over the Temptations pages! Fast forward 20 years and I seem to have caught the bug again... but this time I have a credit card. Due to illness I am unable to leave my flat to visit a...
  2. Z

    KEF LS50 Meta AMP

    Hello, another thread with well known title but help me please, because as a newcomer to hifi world, I became exhausted roaming internet, reading many reviews as they leave me confused.. Long story short I'm planning to buy LS50 Metas for my living room and use them for listening to music...
  3. S

    New speakers? Which?

    Hi all, I have a Cambridge Evo 150 with two Dali Opticon 2 MK1 speakers. The Evo needs an update, it has more power to give. So I've talked to my wife and see know there is an upgrade needed ;-) My budget is max €1250. I 'm thinking about the Kef r3 (Not Meta). Do you guys have any suggestions?
  4. chickenlegs

    Using my Kef egg speakers separately

    I have a set of five Kef egg speakers (KHT 2001) that were previously used with a KEF sub-woofer and Denon receiver as a surround sound set up. Unfortunately, the sub-woofer and receiver no longer work effectively and both units have been taken by someone who is going to try and repair and keep...
  5. mgmasterv2

    scratch on woofer cone kef q

    hi guys, i just bought a pair of kef q750 speakers(they were used as listening demo in a shop) they sound really great. i was looking at them very closely and saw a hole on one of the woofer cones the sound is intact and very pleasing so its not have any effect on sound quality but i fear in...
  6. S

    Devialet Phantom II vs. KEF LS50 Wireless II

    I am an owner of two Devialet Phantom 1’s and am considering adding to my mix either a pair of Devialet Phantom II or a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless II. Can anyone speak to their experience of these and recommend a route? I use Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Qobuz in my mix of sources (hi-if...
  7. D

    Question Old Onkyo Integra/B&W and New KEF - how to best integrate?

    Hi Guys, Hoping to get some help. I'm very new to the HT scene. I had recently bought the KEF Q750 for front L/R, and KEF Q650 as centre, and a Yamaha RXV-2085 AV receiver. I've now only realised behind some boxes in the basement, were a pair of Onkyo Integra TX-DS989 (apparently top of the...
  8. niceguy_jay

    About KEF LS50 wireless(MK1 = LS50 wireless 1, MK2 = LS50 wireless 2???)

    Hello~ I have KEF LS50 wireless 1 (Not wireless 2) I heard that it has 2 kinds models.(MK1 and MK2) How can i distinguish them? model name? shape? back cover? serial number? (MK1 = LS50 wireless 1, MK2 = LS50 wireless 2, Am i right?) Thanks in advance.
  9. L

    Kef LS50 original (ex-demo) vs. LS50 Meta (new)

    I've found a local shop which sells both LS50's (Meta and original version), but with the original version in an ex-demo pair for half the price of the new LS50 Meta . The guys told me, despite the marketing buzz, the difference in sound quality is not that significant, and becomes more...
  10. L

    Question Weird compare: Wharfedale Diamonds 10.1 vs KEF LSX

    Context: listening to a wide range of music styles, normal size room (of the bed, desk and door variety). Desktop usage mainly, Soundcloud, Spotify. This may sound like a weird one, but after trying out whatever I could find in my area (Stockholm), and ruling out some poorly reviewed options, I...
  11. S

    Question Arcam a19 Kef q350

    Any thoughts on pairing for arcam a19, something that brings the higher end out but still keeps the lows. Thoughts on the Kefq350, don't want to spend more than them but would be happy to go second hand. Looking at stand mounts due to size of room. Thanks
  12. B

    Arcam AVR 10+what front 3 speakers??

    Hi all, I posted earlier. I have a Arcam AVR 10 and a LG 65 GX. I am looking for a front 3 speakers. I am not in a position to try and get sound from the speakers. I am thinking of splurging and buying the KEF R2C. Its 850. And then the front R5'S or the the equivalent in the GX series. There...
  13. Shillocks

    Kef LS50 wireless 1 Vs 2?

    What with the recent generous price reduction in the original LS50 wireless, I was wondering if people who may have heard both setups believe that the new version is worth the extra £1000? They both have rave reviews and after hearing the wireless 2's I can understand why. However £1000 is quite...
  14. W

    How to set up Thorens TD190 with KEF LS50 wireless?

    Hi everyone I'm new to this so please bear with me. I have: Thorens TD190 turntable KEF LS50W Marantz PM 6004 How do I connect these using my Marantz PM 6004 as a phono preamp? The turntable can be plugged into the phono input of the Marantz but I'm not sure where the speaker should be...
  15. Stickboy1985

    Question Active LS50's vs passive ATC's

    Hi guys, Hope you're all keeping well during these crazy times. I'm currently using active LS50's with an Innuos Zenith MK2 server which I'm very happy with, apart from one issue... Due to my relatively small living room, the KEF's are quite boomy with the bass on certain tracks which ruins...
  16. Fgattino

    Question What to buy? I am newbie

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and new to hifi. I am about to invest in my first hifi system and there are too many options even for my budget (total usd 4k) I am looking for DAC, amp and speakers. I have a small room. This is what I have in mind: RME adi2-dac, PrimaLuna EVO 100 (integrated) and...
  17. M

    Question Which floorstanders for audiolab 6000a?

    Hey guys, I am the proud owner of the Audiolab 6000a amp, and Monitor Audio Bronze 2 bookshelf speakers. When the set up was in a small room, it was great! I recently got married, and my new wife and I have moved into a new place, and now the set up is in a much larger room, with wooden...