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  1. Aasbakk

    Question StereoKnight Lancelot S40

    Happy owner of a StereoKnight Lancelot S40. It’s a magnificent amp to me 😊 But I can’t find any information about it. I’ve searched the web (a lot), but all I’ve found is a thread at I would love to know some more specifications Anyone who can help?
  2. Snootnoot

    Question Best amp/intergrated for bose 301 iv?

    Don't hate me, these sound better than Ls50's in my room, that being said I'm looking for either an amp or integrated that i can get for less that 300 CAD used. Digital in/out isn't a necessity .
  3. M

    Pioneer SX650 or NAD C 316BEE

    Which receiver/integrated should I upgrade to? The vintage Pioneer SX 650 receiver or a used NAD C 316BEE integrated amplifier? Either amp would cost ~200-300USD. Currently running Klipsch R 14M speakers with a Dayton Audio Class D amp
  4. Radcliffe 90

    NAD C340

    Hi i own a NAD C340 I think it’s great I have it linked to my tv for audio the only downside is I don’t have a remote I know this isn’t a major issue but getting up and down to change the volume for things like adverts can get a little annoying, I’d just like to know if it’s possible to buy a...
  5. C

    Question Best integrated (as best as possible without overkill) matching Focal Aria 906

    Hi! I've finally stopped on Focal Aria 906 (with my rack). What is (at least to your ears) the best matching integrated for it? What will be not an overkill yet? (as I've chosen a lower-end set of speakers because of placement now need to rethink about a truly outstanding amp for it to make it...