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  1. D

    Yamaha R-N600A noise

    Hi there, I recently bought myself a Yamaha R-N600A network Hi-Fi amplifier. When the volume is as low as it can go, the speakers and headphone output make a very low humming noise (around 50Hz, audible if close enough to the speaker). Do you think it may be a defect with the amplifier? Or a...
  2. Simonsterhb

    Rega Planar 1 Ground Issue

    Hi guys :) So I have the Planar 1 from Rega. With my speakers turned on I can hear a buzzing sound, and I have figured that it might be because I don't have ground connection. I've spoken with the man from my local Hi-Fi-store and he told me the same thing. The problem is that i really can't...