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  1. J

    Hi end active floorstanding thoughts £6000 - £8000 GBP per set

    I am currently going through a choice of high-end active floor-standing speakers for use with music 40% Hi-Res audio and TV 60%, my current choice is the following, i have a set of KEF LSX which i would place at the rear of the room which is 28ft x 14ft with carpeted flooring and large 9 seater...
  2. Si O' the Times

    Cyrus / Dynaudio upgrades

    Hi, Like a lot of folks during lockdown, I've re-discovered the joy of tinkering with my Hi-Fi (and, subsequently browsing the internet for upgrade ideas!). I've currently got a Cyrus + Dynaudio system, that I've owned for a good few years: CD6 SE2 8vs +PSX-R Dynaudio Excite X12 Cambridge Audio...
  3. X

    Speakers for Rotel RA-06, Wharfedale evo 4.1 ?

    Hello! I have recently got the amp Rotel RA-06. I am planning on buying the speakers Wharfedale evo 4.1, I think these small speakers would fit nicely in my apartement. Does anybody have any experience with these speakers and/or amp? Could they pair alright? Into a more neutral sound, but rather...
  4. G

    Static sound on speakers Simaudio Moon I-3 and Dynaudio Emit M20

    Hello everyone! I need help regarding an issue I have, I'll try to summarize. I have tried my setup on every power outlet in my appartment even with no source plugged in and as soon as I plug the amplifier into the power(even if it's off) I hear a static sound on my speakers. What should I do...
  5. Fgattino

    Question What to buy? I am newbie

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and new to hifi. I am about to invest in my first hifi system and there are too many options even for my budget (total usd 4k) I am looking for DAC, amp and speakers. I have a small room. This is what I have in mind: RME adi2-dac, PrimaLuna EVO 100 (integrated) and...
  6. P

    Naim Uniti Atom or Nova - how much power to drive Dynaudio Evoke 50's?

    Hello everyone, I'm not new to audio but have mostly been using active nearfield monitors for music production. I'm moving into a new place though and have just bought some Dynaudio Evoke 50's (4 ohm floorstanders, two woofers, one midrange driver, and a tweeter, 87dB sensitivity, max power...