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    Looking for some good cheap options for 2nd hand subwoofers.

    Recently been getting some better audio equipment, picked up some DT770 pro headphones as an upgrade along with a good amp, needless to say i dont want to wear heaphones all the time, even though they sound really good. Grabbed some 2nd hand kurzweil KS-40A studio monitors for cheap and they're...
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    Question Recomended speakers for home-office desktop with computer?

    Hi all! I'm looking to upgrade from headphones to actual speakers in my home-office. I'd like the speakers to fit around a 1 meter wide monitor, on a 80cm deep desk that is facing the wall. I've put together a little list of potential speakers, but I'm not certain about any of them. Q...
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    Small compact desk speakers for high res audio?

    Hi, I wonder if you know about good powered speakers, eventually with DAC, compact like the Ruark mr1 mk2… In my living room I am super happy with the Q Acoustics M20, so I wonder if I can buy good quality ones like them for my desk (need to be smaller…) with a similar price. The Ref LSX are a...
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    Question Speaker Replacement for M-Audio AV40s

    Hello, my AV40s recently crapped out and was looking high and low for speakers that were powered and about the same size. But looking around I noticed that most good speakers are much larger. I've only managed to find Peachtree M24/25 or Audioengine HD3 to fit. Are there any other speakers I...
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    Desktop speakers upgrade advice!

    Hey guys, I currently use the Microlab fc330 and have the desire to upgrade to something better. I mainly listen to instrumental music, classical music, electronic and I care about my vocals sounding clear. my budget is 150$, I heard great things about the Microlab solo 6c (me coming from...