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    Looking for some good cheap options for 2nd hand subwoofers.

    Recently been getting some better audio equipment, picked up some DT770 pro headphones as an upgrade along with a good amp, needless to say i dont want to wear heaphones all the time, even though they sound really good. Grabbed some 2nd hand kurzweil KS-40A studio monitors for cheap and they're...
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    Question Desktop stands for the Denton 85th Anniversary

    Hi! The Whaferdale measures 240 width x (275+12) depth mm. I'm looking at these: They are 229mm x 305mm. Will this be OK?
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    Question Speaker Replacement for M-Audio AV40s

    Hello, my AV40s recently crapped out and was looking high and low for speakers that were powered and about the same size. But looking around I noticed that most good speakers are much larger. I've only managed to find Peachtree M24/25 or Audioengine HD3 to fit. Are there any other speakers I...