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  1. salmanzulfiqar

    Used Triangle speakers. Are these a good buy?

    Hey guys, saw these triangle comete ex speakers for sale locally at $600. Has anyone ever heard these, are they a good buy at this price?
  2. K

    Single Driver Bookshelf Speakers?

    Are there any single-driver bookshelf speakers from budget to very high-end that have a frequency response range from ~100Hz to 20KHz and above for home Hi-Fi use? That could be paired with a sub-woofer and accordingly adjust the frequency cut-off at the sub-woofer end that match the bookshelf...
  3. yz543887

    Question looking for suggestions :)

    Hi everyone, I’m based in Australia and I’m looking to purchase some speakers for my 3.3x6.9 (m) room, the height of the room is normal and there are two extra connected small rooms that I’d like to fill also with audio if possible, so total dimensions would be something like 5.1x6.9, however...
  4. Wawrzek

    Question Upgrade from old B&W DM602 to …

    Hello, I would like to ask for advice with selection of bookshelf speakers 8Ohm, at least 88 dB price circa 1.5 k€ or more if needed. Can be bulky, shape doesn’t matter. Preferably “true” with focus in scene and single instruments, decent bass but without artificial hidden midrange (like many...
  5. V

    2.1 Audio system

    Hi, Please help me with some recommendations for a 2.1 system. I have a Yamaha RX-V6A AVR and i need speakers and subwoofer. I want bookshelf speakers because i already have some stands and they look nice. I listen to electronic and hip hop but occasionally to jazz and rock too. (i prefer...
  6. SamT97

    Question Are these bookshelf speakers compatible with my unusual subwoofer?

    Hey all, I currently have a Logitech Z533 subwoofer + satellite speakers unit, but I have been thinking about upgrading the left and right satellite speakers that came with it to a better quality pair. Each speaker has a cable that connects to a left/right channel input as shown in the...