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  1. martois

    Any reviews of the Dual Primus Maximus

    I have been getting more and more into HiFi. Started collecting vinyl when attending concerts (as memorabilia because I have way too many tee shirts). After a bit of accumulation, I decided to start playing them instead of just looking at them. I bought an AudioTechnica AT120LP. Now I am...
  2. Azulan

    looking for a entry/mid range turn table.

    Hello! I'm still pretty new to vinyl even though i've been listening to vinyl for a couple of years, i just never took it seriously until now. currently i have an American Audio TTD-2400 which i understand is pretty bad. i got it as my first table as second hand. Now i want to increase my sound...
  3. T

    Vinyl has lost its warmth and appeal with the Sony strdn1080

    Since *upgrading* my AV Receiver, my vinyl sounds flat and uninteresting. I used to have a Sony Strda2400es which had a phono stage built in and when listening to vinyl on my Audio Technica ATLP120xusb it sounded wonderful, rich and warm. I have apple tv 4k so made the big move to get a Sony...