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  1. E

    Question Recomended speakers for home-office desktop with computer?

    Hi all! I'm looking to upgrade from headphones to actual speakers in my home-office. I'd like the speakers to fit around a 1 meter wide monitor, on a 80cm deep desk that is facing the wall. I've put together a little list of potential speakers, but I'm not certain about any of them. Q...
  2. M

    Question Genelec active speakers for hi-fi: how?

    Hi! I'm a beginner in hi-fi. I have a pair of Genelec 8030 active speakers that I used for music production. Now, I wanted to repurpose them for music listening, and I don't know what to do. My main doubts: What receiver, interface or streaming device could I use. I don't know the correct...
  3. cmaluend

    Recomendation for a small active speakers under 1k

    Hi, I am looking for a small active speaker that I can move around my house easily and play music from my phone using Bluetooth or aux input. It'd be nice if the speakers have Spotify or Tidal connect. I don't want to spend too much money on these speakers because they will not be part of my...
  4. A

    Dali Zensor AX - analog or digital input better?

    In short, my use case: in my home office, I have a pair of Dali Zensor AX 1, connected to a high-end PC through SPDIF/TosLink. Here I'm listening to music exclusively from my PC (Tidal HiFi/master and CD). Situation: My SoundBlaster Z's SPDIF out died; I want something better than the...
  5. fodioconello

    Question Super Budget Active Speaker

    Hello Guys, I know it could be painful for you but I need advice on a pair of desktop active speaker. Actualy I'm watching at this two guys here: Mackie CR3-XBT Edifier R33-BT (I already got a pair of higher-end edifier) As you can see dimensions count, but Bluetooth is not a strict...
  6. J

    Active speakers advice

    I wonder if anyone can give me some advice choosing a new set of active speakers on a paltry budget? I have a pair of original AudioEngine A5's from about 12 years ago and the active speaker's volume has almost gone. My budget's not huge – about 300 – I did toy with the idea of a pair of Q...
  7. N

    Budget + range amps (Rega, Audiolab, CA) + passive vs. Active Speakers

    Hi, I've been looking to kit out a room at home with some hardware, spending around 500 GBP each on a network source, amp and speaker. Overall budget approx . 1300 GBP. I've been looking at the Audiolab 6000a, the CXA61, the Rega Brio and pairing them with something like the B and W 606's...
  8. B

    Question Speaker Replacement for M-Audio AV40s

    Hello, my AV40s recently crapped out and was looking high and low for speakers that were powered and about the same size. But looking around I noticed that most good speakers are much larger. I've only managed to find Peachtree M24/25 or Audioengine HD3 to fit. Are there any other speakers I...
  9. N

    Question Active Speakers with Built In Phono

    Hello, I just purchased the Pro-Ject T1 white turntable. It’s my first one. I’m looking for active speakers with an in-built phono stage, so that I don’t require any more components. Do you know of any speakers like this? Ideally in white and reasonably priced? Thank you!