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Yamaha Rs-202 error code


Sep 19, 2020
Hey guys, I need some help identifying an issue with an amplifier I was given recently. A friend of mine gave me a Yamaha RS-202 stereo receiver that stopped working for him. He said it was working fine and one day went into protection mode. I ran a self diagnostic on it and it gave the error code DC-255H. According to the service manual, the cause is "DC output of the power amplifier is abnormal. Supplementary information: The protection function worked due to a DC voltage appearing at the speaker terminal. A cause could be a defect in the amplifier."
Does anyone have any clue what this could mean? It also says H means high voltage and L means low voltage. Does this just indicate a bad power supply? or could the problem run deeper? I know it is an inexpensive model but if I could fix it myself for $50 or less then it would make an ideal garage setup. Thanks for the help!