yamaha JA1801A speakers


Sep 8, 2023
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Hi there,
I've set myself up in a 300sq.ft. workroom and I'm 'plumbing' in the sound at the moment.
I need some suitable size speakers and I have a pair of Yamaha JA1801A 6" white coned and two JA0518 tweeters I can use.
I believe these are usually close quarter monitor speakers which would suit my room fine ( I make guitars and often record and play back)
Building the cabinets for these will be no problem for me but I appreciate that if you apply optimum spec and attend to detail you will get the best out of anything so I wondered if anyone could help me by reccomending cabinet details and a simple crossover unit for me to apply.
I would much appreciate some help with this and thank you in advance.
Regards , Sean