What was the first hi-fi separates you brought with your own money?

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Aug 17, 2007
1990 used my summer holiday working at John Lewis to buy:

1. Rega Planar 2 with AT95 cartridge
2. Technics CD player
3. Yamaha cassette deck
4. Rotel amp
5. Celestion DL6 speakers (still going strong with my dad's Marantz MCR611
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Started out with a used 1980 Denon PMA-510 which I bought from Bullocks TV & Radio opposite my school around 1982. I bought it because it was £50 - well, I was still at school.

Picked up a JVC LA-110 turntable from Richer Sounds for about £60 (normally about £120). Was pretty good to be fair, and ended up fitting the cheapest Ortofon MC cart I could get at the time, which was about £75 I think. Crazy, but it sounded good!

My mate’s dad had a pair of Solavox speakers which seemed to be able to take a bit of a pounding, so had a look at them (they were sold through Comet at the time) and picked up a pair for about £40. Soundwise, these were the Wharfedale Valdus of their day, for those that remember them from 20 years ago - not great, but you get what you pay for. Quite a hard sounding bass, no real depth, but punchy.


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Apr 18, 2020
Way back in the 70's (golden age for Hifi separates?) my first 'proper' bought with my own money... on HP were:

Trio KA 1500
Trio KT 5300
Sansui SR222
Akai CS-34D
Wharfedale Glendale XP's

All situated in my totally unsuitable and tiny box bedroom (8ft x 8ft) But I felt very pleased with myself despite the probably awful sound coming out of those speakers.

Mark Dunlop

Nov 15, 2022
Must have been 2002 when I toddled into Richer Sounds in Edinburgh with a few quid in my pocket and walked out with a Cambridge Audio A1 amp, CD5 cd player and a pair of Gale 3020 standmounts (and a few quid less in my pocket!). A Bush turntable followed in due course. I still have the CD5 "for emergencies" and the Gales are in the attic after having been used as rear speakers for a 5.1 system for a while after I replaced them with B&W DM602 s3s. The Bush turntable served until the end of 2022 and still works.


Jan 25, 2023
Ah, yes! THOSE days....

Thorens TD160C, Revox A78, Celestion Ditton 15s
Still got the Thorens and A78 - in the loft....
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