What speaker upgrade ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently have 5 silver Kef 2005.1 eggs, 2 stands and a Rel Q200 sub as my home cinema package and it has performed well and still does the job, BUT, I have just bought a new black Onkyo 705 amp, black Sky HD, Black PS3 and black Pioneer 428Xd plasma so they look a little out of place. I like both the Kef 3005 and B&W M1 packages but have not heard that much about the B&W'S. The B&W's would fit well with my space available and they do look very nice but what do they sound like, are both choices equally as good and would either of the packages sub be as good as my Rel. Even though I am happy with the 'eggs' would either of these sound any better than what I have now ? What does anyone think my 5 kef speakers, 2 stands and the Rel sub be worth ?


hi. i have these b and w speakers and they are superb. i used to own the original kef eggs and they were good in their day, but time has moved on and for their size i would say that they M1's are the best speakers of their kind. best thing to do is to go to and have a listen and make up your own mind. i would stick with your Rel, or upgrade to the REL 505. i have the PV1 as part of the MT30 set up and wished i had got the Rel and 5 B and w satillites. good luck