Using my Mission Speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
I confess to being a huge noob when it comes to Hi-Fi stuff and speakers, so hopefully this will be an easy question to answer. I've got a pair of old mission760i speakers that I'd really like to use with my computer. I'm currently using a set of Advent ADE -210F, which kinda suck.

How exactly do I connect the Mission speakers to my computer, as I have no leads for them. Do I need an amplifier/sub-woofer to be able to use them? Where would I buy connecting leads from?

Thanks a lot.


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May 7, 2010

To use you Mission 760i speakers you will need an amplifier to run them. Look at spending £200 or more on a new HiFi integrated amplifier. If you want to get a second hand amp, then you might only need to spend £40 to get a decent amp. You can look on the What Hi Fi Forum and see the reviewed integrated amps. Check which one you like best and then take a trip to your local hifi store. Your need some speaker cable but this should not cost much. Just go for thicker copper cable with a PVC outer jacket, for example. They can inform you in store about cable (but don't spend much). Also you will need some way of connecting your computer to the amp. This depends on your computer (laptop or desktop) If you have a soundcard with an output you can just connect this using a 3.5mm jack -> to 2 Phono cable. If you have a poor quality soundcard which is often the case in computers (especially laptops) you may wish to purchase an external DAC to improve your sound quality. Hope this helps.


Do you have a budget in mind? For a first step i'd definitely look on fleabay for a second hand amp. As Blackdawn said, find one you like the look of and then check out the reviews on this site. If you're on a super tight budget, there are some USB "T-amps" around for around 30-50, again eBay is a good source, (search USB T amp, or computer amp). Can also recommend for cheap cables, etc to get you started. Personally this would be the way I'd do it, then once you get used to the sound, you can start on the everlasting audiophile path of trying to improve it! The only other thing i'd say us how important it is to have decent quality source material to give whatever setup a chance to sound it's best. Would suggest ripping CD's as "lossless" files (Flac/wav/apple lossless) or using the iTunes plus format as a minimum...No need to go overboard with 24-bit or anything, until you have a proper DAC and integrated amp in place. Speaking of DAC's, CYP do a great little one for around £40, or if you can stretch a bit further, Beresford are very well thought of...


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Dec 30, 2007
My recommendation would be to grab a secondhand Rotel RA930AX from eBay.

This amp is superb, and was deemed a particularly effective partner for the 760is. (I concur- they formed my very first hifi system!)

Probably set you back 40 or 50 quid all-in! Pick up a half-decent 3.5mm-twin phono cable and Robert's your mother's brother.


OK thanks for the help guys!

I recently aquired a Marshall MG15CD guitar amp. Can I use these as the amp for the speakers? Would it be too much hassle converting the Mono of the amp to the Stereo of the speakers? Or can it be done relatively cheaply?