Usb to Dac ?


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May 18, 2024
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I have a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 . I also have a IFI Neo DAC . I have been streaming Tidal via Roon from my phone to the Tidal connect input on he streamer The CXN is connected to the DAC via coax cable . I feel the dac chip in the IFI is better than the one in the streamer .

The Dac never reports anything better than 16 /44100 res .

So i tried connecting my Pc to the DAC directly with a USB cable . Again Dac reports standard Cd res . All the files were Hi Res or MQA .

Whats going on ?

Vincent Kars

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Windows runs at a fixed sample rate.
If you have set it to 44.1, you DAC will report this regardless of the source.
If you use a media player like Musicbee and configure it to use WASAPI in Exclusive mode, you get automatic sample rate switching.
Sample rate conversion Musicbee

You might also check Tidal (the app). It is able to bypass the operating system default sample rate but this might be OS dependent.
You might also try connecting your phone to the USB input of your DAC.