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May 17, 2010
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My system comprises the following, Nad c350 amp ,Popbox 3d media player ,sony bdp s370 blu ray player ,B+W 601 s2 on Atacama se24 stands,QNAP ts110 and qed cables and cyp au-d3 dac.I play my music files (flac)through the popbox(from the hard wired QNAP) fed to the dac and on to the amp.On the whole i'm fairly pleased with the sound. I am however looking to make an upgrade.I will have around £200.00 to spend .Should i buy new speakers as the b+w 's are fairly long in the tooth, or should i perhaps upgrade the dac, i'm keen on the new dacmagic 100 on the proviso that it gets a good review.

any thoughts?


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Where is the DAC in your current system (not familiar with the popbox at all sorry)

I suspect that £200 is not enough for a speaker upgrade, even buying used, the B&Ws are a great speaker in their own right. I'd save your cash or buy more music.


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