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Updating My System


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Mar 20, 2011
Not sure which Forum this should go in. Can somebody assist in updating the following:-

Currently I have a Panasonic P42G10B tv together with a Denon DM37 micro, Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray player and Arcaydis DM1 speakers. I have a router with BT Infinity internet next to this setup.

My Itunes library consists mainly of my own CDs ripped in Apple lossless form and available on both a Macbook Air and an Ipad Air and played through a B & W A5 speaker. I have a collection of music DVD and Blu-ray discs from which the audio is played through the Denon micro to the DM1 speakers to enhance the sound but have no enhancement of sound for normal tv programmes ( no optical connection on the Denon?). I will be replacing the TV with probably a new Samsung Smart TV.

If I keep the DM1s, which are excellent speakers (but frowned on by the Mrs because of the size on their stands!) I would wish to be able to use Airplay to play the lossless files through the the DM1s and at the same time enhance the normal tv sound. One option is presumably to replace the Denon with the Marantz CR610.

If I sell the DM1s and also decide I no longer need to listen to my music on a CD player are there any suggestions for say a suitable soundbar replacement for enhancement of the tv sound and the DVD/Blu-ray discs. Also, for the additional cost, is the B & W A7 a huge improvement over the A5 or are there better wireless speakers available?

Any advice welcomed by this non-audiophile pensioner.



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Dec 28, 2013
Hi, I would buy your Arcaydis DM1's if you sell them. I can't see an option on this forum to send you a private message. I usually use the forum pinkfishmedia it's worth looking at.

My location is Liverpool, hope we can work something out.



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Dec 16, 2003
By coincidence a couple of weeks ago I was contemplating the same issue.

Like yourself I have a Denon DM39DAB micro system which is connected to a Samsung LED TV.

I quickly discovered that my Samsung TV has no analogue audio output connections which prevented me in connecting my Denon micro to my TV. Damn!

To circumvent this issue I bought my a DAC to route the digital audio from my Samsung TV to my Denon at an affordable price, problem solved - see below. Can be bought from Amazon.


Regarding the issue of streaming music from your MAC computer to your hi-fi, this can be easily solved depending on your audio requirements:

1. If you're seeking audio fidelty and happy to inhabit the walled garden of Apple, purchasing a Marantz or Denon networking models may solve your issue as each support Airplay out-of-the-box. In fact, other hi-fi companies such as Sony, Yamaha and Philips offer similar products. As I recall What Hi-Fi done a review of similar competing products this [2013] year ... can't remember which issue at the mo'.


2. Alternatively purchase a bluetooth streamer to facilitate audio streaming from your MAC Book or any compatible bluetooth device such as a Smartphone to iPad to your Denon Hi-Fi.




Unless music is played at loud volumes, its pretty reasonable and would certainly be a cheaper option than having the hassle of buying a new hi-fi.

The only downside is by having two new external components such as DAC and a bluetooth streamer connected to your Denon hi-fi occupying the existing external connections, it is not possible to connect your blu-ray player at the same time without disconnecting one or another audio device. Then again, are your likely to watch TV, a Blu-Ray film and stream audio to the hi-fi all at the same time?