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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a power amp (Primare A30.5) and speakers (B&W Nautilus 805 front, HTM1 centre, SCM1surround and ASW1000 sub) with which I'm very happy and don't want to change. However, my processor is old and has no HDMI ports. I would then like to find a suitable processor to connect to the power amp & TV, but there appear to be extremely limited options on the reviews on the whathifi website. I will be streaming music and movies, probably using something like the LG or the Apple TV, although DLNA and/or AirPlay functionality would be a nice addition. Can anyone recommend a suitable processor to match this setup? Alternatively, should I be looking for an integrated home cinema amp? I would prefer to keep the current power amp though, as it still performs superbly for music, while I would also assume that the quality of home cinema receiver/amp that I could get would be worse than a standalone processor, for the same price.


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Nov 26, 2008
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This one & the same problem am facing cause of space in my living room/ muzic studio. So i had 2 compromise with am av amp. There are not far behind these days. From my comparing a 2 channel 2 my av amp. Its just am matter of a little more refinement wth 2 channel amps. Apart from that am very happy with my setup. Cambrigde audio 840c cd player. marantz Sr6003. Sonus faber cremonas floor standing speakings. I get a very smooth sound from top to bottom of the frequency.


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Nov 21, 2010
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Unfortunately, WHF very rarely review pre pros, I assume because of their limited market appeal, so you cannot confine your search to this site.

If budget allows, I would suggest a suitable match to your kit would be the Onkyo PR-SC5509, available at £2200. A cheaper alternative would be the Marantz AV7005, although the onkyo may prove a better match to the primare. Obviously primare do their own pre pro but with the extra boards it is not cheap. Pre pros with hdmi occasionally come up on the used market (the marantz predecessor on eBay especially). An apple tv should allow you to stream to it with AirPlay I think.


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