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Turntable/wireless speakers


Oct 24, 2020
Hello. I was looking for some advice on adding to my hi fi separates set up.
I currently have a Cambridge Topaz am5 amplifier, Cambridge Topaz cd5 CD player, audio technica record player and Cambridge speakers.
Is there a way for me to connect to a wireless speaker system?
Ideally I would like to play records and be able to have speakers around the house so that I can listen in other rooms. At the moment, everything is wired, nothing is Bluetooth or wireless.
Would I be able to buy an amplifier that can have the turntable connected by cable, then send out a wireless signal to speakers.
Or, do I have to replace everything.


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Nov 15, 2019
I have not tried it but there is an android app called Vinyl Cast. Technically, I should be able to connect an Android device to headphone out and send the signal to Chromecast capable devices. I suspect there will be a delay between the original source and the receive devices so your hifi is likely to be playing ahead of the wireless speakers. It may well not be that stable.

Alternatively you might be able to build a Rapsberry Pi solution using something like IceCast to send a stream (which you'd need to convert to the appropriate format). Again, the problems are likely to be the similar to the above.

Probably the simplest solution is to do what I do. Create a group (or groups) of Chromecast speakers, e.g. I have grouped all devices and specific combinations of them and then stream from a streaming service etc. I have a couple of Chromecast Audios attached to my main amp and a little Denon system upstairs, which allows them to join in. You can still find Chromecast Audios, if you shop around.

Mainly I have the amp in the front room with Chromecast and a Hub Max in the kitchen playing together. Works well enough. I get the odd glitch but nothing major and the audio is synchronised.

Bluetooth is probably a non-starter for reasons of signal range, walls etc.
You can do a similar setup with Amazon Echo devices (not tried this myself).
There are other systems like HEOS but remember you can't generally mix and match platforms.

My advice would be to source or borrow a cheap Google mini and a Chromecast Audio or a couple of older Echo devices to experiment with, before you commit.


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May 16, 2008
@MattJSmith doesn't write what kind of options he has to listen in other rooms. Does he need speakers in other rooms or are there speakers already?

When starting from scratch Sonos could be an interesting option. You could have a speakers in multiple rooms and connect the existing stereo system through a Sonos Port. Any source connected to the Topaz amp (obviously including the record player but also the CD player) can then be streamed to the Sonos speakers anywhere in the house. The Ikea/Sonos Symfonisk speakers could be included in the setup.


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Aug 17, 2007
I have a Sonos setup in my flat, use a Connect in my hi-fi (either buy an old Connect or the new Port), I have the 'Tape out' connected to the 'line-in' on the Connect, I can then choose ''Line-In' as the source on the other speakers and stream it around the flat, works fine.