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This week Sound City


New member
Oct 24, 2013
This week bought Sound City on blu ray and cd , awesome ,some great insight into the now demised Sound City studio where Nirvana cut the nevermind album.

A real honest look at some of the bands that also recorded there , and Dave Grohl who bought the Rupert Neve sound board from the Sound CIty studio and recorded the cd with it at studio 606 ( Dave Grohls home ) .

With contributions from artists such as Josh Homme , Stevie Nicks , Trent Reznor .Alain Johannes , Lee Ving . Corey Taylor and others.

The Album has some real zing and energy , some stand out tracks for me were TIME SLOWING DOWN , A TRICK WITH NO SLEEVE , FROM CAN TO CANT, YOU CANT FIX THIS , YOUR WIFE IS CALLING , and CUT ME SOME SLACK .

I have been playing this in my car and at home for the last week must move on but its a compelling , spellbinding listen. 8)

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
Great documentary, and I really can't believe that the studios weren't snapped up by someone as a museum to the history of modern music. If I was a millionaire, I'd have bought the place myself! Chances are they'll tear it down and build some fast food joint in its place.