This is me and I have a question


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Mar 29, 2016
In short; I'm from Zagreb, Croatia. I read What Hi Fi for years now and respect you for your reviews and articles, but I've never been a member in forums. I wouldn't say I know much about audio and acoustics but I find it fascinating and enjoy reading and learning about it.

I am not a 'techy', I enjoy good old stereo. However, I'm neither hipster nor sentimantal about it. I like to see new technologies improving the sound reproduction. It's just that I like my music to be separate from my movies and even in movies I'm not about immersion or 3D effects and such. I don't think that a special edition '76 turntable is better than todays Rega's. I like stereo simply because it feels right to me. It is closer to what I understand as high fidelitiy - you always have a performer in front of you and you listen to him/her and this is what home audio should try to mimic as closely as possible. Surround feels too 'gimmicky'.

QUESTION: (I hope someone checks these threads) I would like to ask for some recommendations for stereo amplifiers, which is the right thread? I can't decide from titles alone.




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