TCL C845K (65C845K)


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Jan 26, 2021
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Thank you John Archer and Tom Parsons for your most excellent review.
Many of the TV reviews I've read on your rather wonderful site include a note about how the TV under review compares to other TVs; here no mention in the verdict of the LG C3 or LG G3.
However, the TCL is noted as costing 1049 while under "Also Consider" is the the Sony X90L at 1599 and the Hisense U8K at 1699. and the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED at 1000
You note that the TCL:
"boasts a level of picture and sound performance that would normally cost you hundreds, even thousands of pounds more."
"so good for its money that it pretty much redefines the whole TV market in a single blaze of ultra-bright glory."
Interesting that the "Also Consider" has the Sony and Hisense, that are significantly more while the Amazon is approximately the same price. Is the Amazon at an equally disruptive price?
Particularly, please could you clarify "for its money", is that "good at this price" or "it really is better than TVs like the Sony and Hisense; or the C3 or G3 for that matter?
Perhaps we should conclude that while the TCL is a stellar TV, the rating is based on price and while the Sony and Hisense cost more, they are in fact better TVs.
While your review is clearly about a game changing TV at an extremely disruptive price,
I would be very interested to read a further clarification from you.


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