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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm new here and looking for some advice please.

I currently have a Yamaha AS-500 amp, Marantz CD6003 and Monitor Audio RX6 speakers. I mainly play CD's but also play uncompressed files from my iPod Classic through the amp or CD player. Trouble is the iPod doesn't sound that good through the dock and amp. So I thought I would get an Onkyo ND-S1 and a DAC to improve the sound.

This idea has now led me on to thinking about getting the Audiolab 8200CD with its digital inputs to upgrade the Marantz. I may also be able to purchase a Leema Pulse III at a good price.

I know listening is very subjective, but would you kind people be able to give an idea if the Monitor Audio RX6 speakers, Leema Pulse III and Audiolab 8200CD would be a good combination and improve the sound over my current system. Or maybe even the Roksan Kandy K2 amp.

Thanks very much.


Have been reading up a bit more.

As my music is already stored in AIFF format on my WD mybookworld. I wonder if it may be worth considering getting a Sonos ZP90 and connect this to either the Leema Pulse III amp or the Audiolab 8200CD as they both have inbuilt DAC's, rather than stick with the iPod. I already have a network cable installed from my router to the TV which sits with the stereo equipment. That's if the Leema amp and CDP are worth getting as an upgrade on what I already have.