Switching to headphones from a speaker system


Apr 15, 2020
I am new to this threat and want some advice at this stage.
I currently have a Linn streaming system based on an Akurate DSM. The trouble is I have recently moved house and being on lockdown have realised how thin the walls are between my house and the neighbours - I can hear her coughing! As a result, I have become very reluctant to use my system and so when I could be listening to music, I am really not able to enjoy it. When I do listen to it, I am always sat there waiting to dim the volume when music reaches a loud bit. I have to listen to it so quietly, I am not sure that it is much better than a bog standard system from Currys!So, I was wondering whether I would be better off selling the system and getting a headphone based system. I stream from a mini computer which runs Roon. If I sold the entire system, I could afford a decent DAC/Headphone amp such as the Hugo TT and some top end headphones such as some Focals. I was wondering what people would do in my situation and what people's experiences are of moving from a loudspeaker based system to headphones. I mainly listen to jazz, female vocals and similar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
That would depend on how long you're likely to stay in that house.
I'd be reluctant to sell a whole system just so you can listen on headphones. You'll take a big financial hit as well.
Not knowing much about that DSM is there no way you can attach a cheapish headphone amp to it?
It does have a pre out doesn't it? Or take a Toslink signal to it.
You cannot use a headphone system for background music..... :)


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