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Dec 30, 2021
Hi Eveyone

I have a small doubt:

when you listen spotify or tidal you can choose the device from the app or use a third party app like heos (for example marantz product) or naim (if you have uniti product series)
What are the differences? In both cases I use spotify connect and each devis is connect to the same wifi network.
For the Marntz, if I use Heos I have one more step: opem heos, choose spotify, and the button remind me to spotify app interface.
Whats happen If I open spotify directly ? Inboth cases I thought the streamer put the music from spotify/tidal server
For the Naim product I have the same doubt. I can open spotify and choose the naim streamer or open the naim app and listen or launch spotify/tidal from the app.
What are the differences?


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Aug 10, 2021
Spotify connect makes your mobile device, essentially a remote control for streaming music through a network connected streamer /pc etc. I'd be careful of going to Spotify through any brands own app as it might stream the music from your device via Bluetooth or chromecast for example...use Spotify connect when you can...and the same goes for tidal connect.


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I can speak for HEOS, for both Spotify and Tidal it is 'connect' i.e. it connects direct to the streaming services but with UX differences.

With Spotify you will connect through Spotify's app, but for Tidal you will use the HEOS app - all your playlists etc will be available.

In either case you're getting the best sound quality possible, MQA apart cos HEOS does not handle it.


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