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Aug 10, 2019
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Firstly I will say hi as i,m new to the forum, my question I would like to store my record collection onto my laptop, I am aware there are laptops out there such as the numark which comes with a USB connection but I am not totally convinced by the qaulity this may produce, I would prefer to use a qaulity turntable instead if I proceed with this route how would I connect my laptop to my hifi to store the records.

Thanks Rag

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hello, and welcome on board!

Do you already have said quality turntable? If so, we'd suggest Terratec's iVinyl - an excellent USB phono preamp we found excellent for LP archiving (five-star rated, Feb 2007).

If you are currently turntable-less, a fantastic step up from the Numark/Ion USB decks is Pro-ject's Debut III USB (£210), reviewed in our current, December issue (hurry - only on sale until Wednesday...). The Pro-ject is a great turntable for the money with all the laptop connectivity and conversion you'll need.

We're also writing a feature on archiving analogue sources in our February 2008 issue, out January 10th.


Hi Clare thanks for the quick response, I am yet to purchase a turntable however I have just looked at Project turnstable they look a lot better than the numark, I will buy this months mag and do some research thanks again


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