Speaker recommendation for SuperUniti in a large room

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Feb 19, 2012
No frank,

wire the room left and right i.e have the right side of the amp wired to the right side of the room and the left like wise. if you have two sets of speaker outs use them or biamped youll get the stereo image - its similar to surround sound, but instead of front and back it'll be left and right, but if you postioned yourself in the sweet spot you'll get the stereo image but for the length of the opposing walls.

The image may suprise you, it being slap bang in the middle of the room.



I have a slightly smaller sized room, about 10m x 4m with a Naim Super Uniti and CDX2, my speakers are Neat Elite SXs which I find to be excellent, since I ungraded from a Uniti. They are placed relatively close (30cm) to the wall/window. The base is controlled and the soundstage perfect.

I compared these with some Momentum 4 which gave overpowering bass, for my taste at least.

Very happy with the set-up and I would suggest you give it a try in your room.



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