Sounbars and hi-fi


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi. I am need to upgrade my sound since getting my new Panasonic 42" plasma. Ideally I want to play my music and get the tv sound from the same source. I also want to be able to connect wirelessly using iPad . I have tried researching myself, but just get more and more confused. I like the idea of sound bars, but would they give hi-fi quality sound? Any suggestions will be appreciated. My budget could be up to £300 if necessary, but might be able to stretch a bit more.


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Jun 9, 2009
There isn't anything you can connect wireless to a soundbar unles you connect a Apple TV or Airport Express at current. Though that doesn't say something womething won't be along in the near future like from Pioneer.

No soundbar will give you hifi quality though my guess is your music is 256kps from itunes and ripped from disc, so the quality will be fine for listening in the background.

At your price point if you take a good look around you may find close to your £300 mark a Yamaha YHT-400 which is now an old model as its been replace by the YHT-S401 But this would increase your budget by another good £150

The Pioneer HTP-sb300 on ebay at the moment with only 22 hours to go would do what you need and connect iPad using a phono to 3.5mm plug or if you get the Pioneer cheaper enough add airport express to the system to play music wireless


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