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Mar 13, 2004
Hi All

I am currently using a rather old Sonos system for my two channel music listening ( 2 x Sonos One and a Sonos sub). I've had several Musical Fidelity set ups in the past (sold several years ago) and I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the soundstage/depth from the Sonos system, so I am looking to get a new system.

Having done some research, I've decided to demo the Naim Uniti Atom and the NAD C700. Not sure about speakers, but probably standmounts - although not set in stone. The listening room is 6m x 4m with the speakers firing across the narrowest part. My budget for speakers is up to £1000 (possibly more if I go for the NAD.)

Somone has now recommended (as I like the Sonos app) to look at the Sonos Port and an integrated amp with a built in DAC (eg Leema Elements Integrated Amp).

Is there anyone out there that has gone down any of these routes? I'm especially looking for speakers that people are using with the Atom or C700.

Thanks for your help!
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