Should I upgrade to Onkyo 605 now or wait? - Your expert advice is needed


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have an Onkyo TX-DS898 7.1ch Onkyo Amp. Unfortunately it does not like the Dolby Digital compression that SKY HD /SKY is broadcast in and I therefore have to watch all programs in standard Dolby Surround. Sky are aware of this but seem to be doing nothing about it. (quite a few amps appear to suffer from this).

I am keen to upgrade my system to also nclude a HD player of some sort (was thinking maybe PS3).

So, should I upgrade to the new Onkyo TX-SR605? My concern is that although the new Amp can do the new sound formats, will it be sonically better than the TX-DS898 for DTS/DD? My old amp was pretty much top of the range a few years back (THX etc...) and extremely powerful. In reality I probably don't need stupid amounts of power but am thinking that if I upgrade, I will get both DD watching SKY and DTS-MA / Tru-HD from a PS3 when a firmware upgrade is released for the PS3. Is this my best option?

Any help is appreciated.

ps. Any ideas what a TX-DS898 is worth now used? (Cost over 2k originally...probably worth nothing now!)


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