Should I go from 5:1 up to 7:1 ???


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Feb 20, 2008
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Pioneer LX85
Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6T (L=R) DC4LCR + DC4 Rears is what I am running, I want to know if you feel adding another pair of DC4 speakers to make my system 7:1 would be worth the extra £500-600?

My rear speakers are wall mounted on the wall behind my sofa (Sofa is flat to the wall) and about 2 Metres from the floor (cables Buried)

I was thinking of getting the extra speakers and stand mounting them to each side of my sofa however this would mean the drivers of my rears would be no further back than my sides!! Would this be a problem

What Should I do ?

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
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If your sofa is up against the back wall I wouldn't bother going for traditional 7.1.

I went 7.1 and think it's a more immersive experience as there's no 'hole' for the sound to 'jump' between the fronts and the surrounds in a 5.1, but I only did it as I have about 150cms between my back wall and my sofa.

Perhaps take a look at front height options as Rickydeg has suggested, although I've not heard a system with front height speakers myself.


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Mar 15, 2011
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Well, since you have the 9.2-channel Pioneer SC-LX85: if you can accomodate width or height speakers that would be the better choice, I reckon. I've heard several such systems lately and they kick extra rear speakers in the butt. This is quite natural, since our hearing is more perceptive of sounds in front of us than in the back, and the extra immersiveness added by width and/or height can enhance your listeningexperience a lot. Obviously you then need to use the appropriate surround-mode since no source-material is (yet) encoded in such a manner. I'm not knocking extra rears, but in some rooms/set-ups width and/or height speakers can prove to be the better overall solution.

Sliced Bread

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Yep me too...Bi-amp all the way.

There is still not much material in 7.1 anyway. I personally wouldn't go to the expense, plus put up with another 2 speakers on the rear wall just for a handful of films.


Agree with the above. I've lived with my 7.1 for over 7 years and there are only rare occaions where it is significantly better than 5.1, despite having a large, square room with plenty of room for 4 standmounts behind the listening position. Next time, I would go for better front speakers and bi amp. Having said that, the B&Ws provide good tonal balance across the front and the 602s have good bass for standmounts.