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Aug 10, 2019
I had excellent help on here before when I was shopping for a new sound system so after so reading I thought I would post on here for some more informed advice.

I'm looking to buy a new MP3 player and possible some new headphones, I think the latter will be necessary for the the best sound quality.
Here's what I'm looking for:

Flac compatable (or any other lossless).
Drag-drop file transfers
Min. 8 gig
I'm not concerned with video player back or any other feature beside music playback.
Not an iPod.

As for the headphones, I mostly listen to classical music so one best suited for that are prefered. In ear sound isolation also a priority.

My budget is around £100 for each or any combination that comes to less than £200 combined

I've been looking into Shure e2c/se110 but read mixed reviews. as for the Mp3 I've seen the sony NWZA818 or the samsung YP Q1. If I'm honest I don't really know where to start.

Thanks for any help.



Hello mtruelove

Why not an ipod ?

Thing to remember if your going to beÿtransferringÿin lossless is they take up a fair bit of space so 8 gig is going to fill pretty quickly.I have had a few mp3 players now and i dont think any in my opinion were as good as my ipod classic,drag drag drop not a prob,mind you you do have a flaff to convert flac to play.

Anyway people with far more knowledge than me will answer soon hopefully.



Thanks for the reply.

I've owned an ipod in the past and never really got on with it, although I havn't used any of the newer ones. Also the price always seems way over the mark when companies like Creative are making players that are jsut as good but cheaper.

I think you may be right about the 8gig being too little storage. Ideally I want an player that will just let me drag and drop my FLAC files and have them play without any converting.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.


I've seen reviews on the iAudio 7, and for audio playback it seems like a great player. However on here it seemed to get an aweful review (3 stars I think). Has anyone had any experiance with them?

It also seems that I can get a 16gb one cheaper than the sony and I saw some Shure se210 for only £55. Any thoughts?



I've gone with the iaudio 7 and audio technica ATH-CK9. Total price: £170.46 (£126.26 iaudio 7 + £44.20 ATH-CK9).


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