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Mar 30, 2009
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Not sure if this should be in here or the hifi section as it concerns both, so feel free to move it/tell me off as appropriate.

Basically I have an Onkyo one box home cinema (ht r380 receiver and associated speakers) and a hi fi consisting of an NAD C 326BEE amp and Wharfdale speakers.

Obviously the HIFI sounds best with music but the wharfdale speakers also sound far better when used with the surround sound as the fronts. Is there any way that I can connect my Wharfdales up to both amps at once? The speakers are bi wireable but I don't want to connect anything together as an experiment in case I damage anything!

Doing this would enable me to get rid of the small fronts that are currently sat on top of the Wharfdales, make everything look much neater and leave me with the best sound out of both setups


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