Scratch on a piano-lacquer finish


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Mar 3, 2010
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One of my beautiful piano-lacquer Mission 794s has attracted a scratch to the top, about three inches long. The scratch hasn't penetrated through the lacquer to the wood, but in places it is too deep to be just polished out (you can feel it with your fingernails).

I have casually browsed the web for piano-refinshers and restorers, but of the ones I've seen in the north west (where I live), they all seem only interested in complete strip-downs. Very minor 'spot repairs' don't seem to interest them. What I need is the equivalent of an invisibly-blended smart repair on a car. I'm sure it must be possible, as only the lacquer is scratched not the wood.

Has anyone any experience of having such minor damage repaired and who best to approach?


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