Rust on brand new Monitor Audio speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all,

I bought a pair of Monitor Audio RS5 speakers a couple of days ago. I'm quite pleased with the sound, but noticed that half of the screws that fix the cones to the casing have rust on them. I called my dealer and he said he would have a word with the importer and get back to me early next week.

Now, I expect that they will either suggest to 'repair' the speakers or replace them entirely. Somehow neither option sounds very appealing... I namely have a strong suspicion that the problem will reoccur in some months as they do not seemed to have used rust-free steel.

I live in Hong Kong which has obviously a quite humid climate, but I do not think it's too much to ask to have speakers that do not rust? I'm also worried that the same might happen to the inside where it does influence the sound quality.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



I've never heard of this problem before but there won't be anywhere near as much moisture in the air in the UK, and MA have one of the better reputations regarding build quality.

If you are happy with every other aspect of the speaker though is it not worth persisting incase it is a one off?


I've had Monitor Audio, B&W and KEF speakers back in Malaysia, which has identical weather to Hong Kong (hot and humid all year long!) and never once encountered any problems with rust, with any of them.

Your speakers may just be the odd one out!


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