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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All

I have just joined this forum because I would like some advise, I have been going though a lot of your posts and it seems there is quite a few people on here who seemed to know what they are talking about when it come to home cinema systems, which make a change which is my dilemma has I don’t, I purchased a Sony one piece sound around system some years back which I must say has been very good but now I would like to upgrade it, so I went down to my local TV come hifi shop to see what was about, and I got this guy running on about all these new systems that I needed and to be honest with you I did not know any thing on what he was saying so I told him the usual thing that I would think about it. I started looking on the web for information about these new types of systems that are available i.e. separates in AV receivers which there are hundreds to choose from and also reading that gentlemen’s trouble on the amount of money he spent on HD and blu-ray DVD players and now he can not watch his films got me more confused, on reading some of the posts it seems that you have to balance thing up so I was wondering if any body can suggest a good DVD, AC receiver and speaker set, to go with a Sony 42” rear projection TV two year old, I have up to about £1500.00 at hand and could stretch it to £1600.00 Your help would be much appreciated if you could at least point me in to the right direction

Many thanks


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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The stuff about new formats is pretty confusing, which is why I'm going to suggest you spend a bit less on the system and save some money for the time if and when this whole two-formats thing resolves itself.

I'd buy a Denon DVD-1940 DVD player, which you can find for around £200, an Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver (£400) and a speaker package such as the Q Acoustics 1010 5.1, at around the £500 mark. That'll leave £300 or so in the kitty for an HD player when any of us feel confident enough to buy one!



Thanks for your advise it's much appreciated, a couple of things I would like to ask, I would like to take the speakers off the floor would you say it's best to put them on a shelf or fix the to the wall as I see by the one's that you suggested that this can be done, also I do not mind paying a bit more for my receiver as I know that it is the heart of the system but could you explain what this THX does as I see in some reports it's important to have, and as I said I do not mind spending £1600.00 now to get a good foundation to my system and I will worry about the rest later on, as if and when I go to purchase either HD or blu-ray when they sort things out, but can these new types of DVD player that are coming out be able to play my old DVD's that I have a present

Thanks Router